Do you take walk-ins or do you have to make a reservation?

Walks are accepted only if there is availability on those days. We would recommend that all participants book their days so that they are guaranteed a spot for the classes.

How big are the classes?

Classes can range from one participant to 12 participants. 

How much does the class cost?

The Candle Experience cost $47 per person.

What is your refund policy?

Once a reservation has been made, there is no refund 48 hours before the class has started. After the candle class has started, there are no refunds for the candle.

What is the age limits that can come?

We recommend that the age off all participants be at least 10 years of age for the safety of the child since the wax can be as hot as 180 degrees and a cutter is used to cut the wax to the desired amount.

What is everything that is included?

Each class comes with everything you need to completely create your candle. Everything included and used: gloves, wax cutter, honeycomb stir, measuring cup, warning label, candle label, crackling wooden wick, vessel, fragrance, and scale.

Do you recycle old vessels?

We do recycle old vessels. Each vessel recycled give you a $5 credit towards a store purchase. 

Can I book a private event?

Private events can be booked at the store location. If there is a party larger than 12 participants, the event will be hosted at a partnering event space.

What kind of wax is used to make the candles?

All candles are made with Satin Soy. This soy wax gives off a cleaner and more even burn so that you can enjoy your candle longer. 

Do I have to use a fragrance to make my candle?

This Candle Experience is all about you being creative, with that being said, there is no wrong way to make you candle.

What the maximum amount of people that can take the class?

The maximum amount of participants for the store location in each class are 12. If more people are attending than it can be arranged with a event partner. 

Can I bring food or beverages?

We do as that you do not bring any food so that we can keep the store smelling heavenly, but you can bring your favorite drink to sip on. 

Do I have to wait in the store while my candle is setting?

It is up to you if you want to stay in the store and wait for your candle to cure, or step out and come back at a later time. We do ask that the candle is picked up in 48 hours.

Do the candle come in different sizes?

The candles for the Candle Experience only comes in one size which is 12oz.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We except cash, debit card, credit cards, Apple Pay, Cash App, and Zelle